Hub Philosophy

Social media has become a very popular way to promote a business in the past couple of years. Many contractors have flocked to the idea of using Facebook and other social media platforms in order to reach their customers.  It’s likely because there is no cost to create a business page, and it gives a company a place to easily connect with their consumers. However, as history has taught us, nothing is free forever. That’s why the Hub Philosophy is an important concept to consider before putting all your eggs on one basket.

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What is The Hub Philosophy?

In the center, you have what should be your website. This is where you own the domain name and all the rights to your website page. Connected to this website is all the social media platforms your business also uses. This is where you DO NOT own the domain name on the internet or any of the rights to the content you are putting on these platforms.

So Why is The Hub Philosophy So Important to Contractors?

The Hub Philosophy is so important because it explains why a website is something you can own, and a social media platform is unpredictable with no ownership rights. Think about it, does Facebook ask you when they change layouts, make updates, or take away your ability to do certain things? The answer is no, and I believe that should be the first red flag you are making a big mistake with making social media platforms your number one resource for marketing. Like Facebook, all the other social media platforms run pretty much similar. So, what happens when contractors put all their time and energy into making their Facebook the center hub of their business? Right now, nothing, but if Facebook decided to get rid of this feature it would look a lot like this.

Contractors website example

Why Websites Are the Safe Bet

As you can see, putting all your eggs in one basket on a social media platform can be dangerous. You never know what platforms like these will do and if you put to much trust into them it could end out very bad for you. So, the answer is simple, make a website the center of your hub! Here is why:

1) You control what your website looks like, and what you want to change

2) You never have to worry about your content and domain name disappearing

3) Your content can easily be directed both ways and if a social media platform where to disappear, you would always still have your central hub in place.

4) Most consumers use search engines to find what they are looking for, not social media.

Contractors website breakdown

Websites Can Be Forever If Done Correctly

Even websites have the risk if not done correctly. When a contractor has a website there are certain things the business needs to do to make sure they are protected.

1) They need to make sure they own the rights to their domain

2) Pick a hosting company that on your just mark. For example, Digital Contractor Solutions focuses on just contractors and you have the rights to your domain name.

3) Save a backup of your website in case anything were to happen

4) Pick a company you can pay by the month in case you ever want to switch services

The Conclusion

So, there you have it, websites are the only safe bet when it comes to keeping all your content safe. Social media platforms are still great ways to market your business and you should most definitely use them. Just don’t make them the center of your hub or else it could really cost you one day. Instead of using social media platforms as the main way to get new business. Contractors should use these platforms to bring traffic to their website where all their content and information is safe. That way if one of these platforms shut down, everything else will still be directing traffic to your business. Like myspace, these platforms will be replaced or outdated one day. One thing that will never be replaced though is your owned space on the internet where you have a website!

Published by: Robert Spataro Date: March 19, 2019