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In this digital age, marketing your electrician business online should be a priority rather than an option. Clients are looking for your services on the web, and if you do not do the right things and be visible to them when they are searching, you will lose out to your competitors.

Online marketing is a broad thing that involves different strategies that all build up towards the same purpose. Looking at some of the typical plans such as SEO, SEM, and Social media marketing, it is evident that they all have a common thing; they are connected to your home website. Your website is your online headquarters where customers come to after finding out about what you are offering through other sources.

Getting clients on your website is one thing but making them ask for your services is another hurdle. It is very useless if you have thousands of visitors on your site every month but find that the conversion rates are still dismal. If you experience such a scenario, there is one thing for sure your website is not doing it’s job.

But you can solve this by having the right electrician website design or templates. Web design involves several things both on the backend and frontend of a site and customers should have a good user experience whenever they click on your homepage. While having a perfect website is impossible, you could get close to that by ensuring that your site isn’t lacking in some of the most fundamental aspects. We know that you’re not a website designer so we set out to implement all of the things you’ll find below in our templates and custom designs.

5 Things Your Website Must Have When You’re an Electrician


Well Designed URL:

It is common to see web designers neglect the structure of the URL since they term it as technical when preparing the site. A URL, Uniform Resource Locator, is the string that creates the reference to a resource such as a page on a website.

The URL should ideally be simple and one that gives customers the idea of what your business is doing, which in this case is offering electrician services. URLs are very influential in how your site is ranked on search engines, and they are commonly printed on other marketing materials. It should be easy to remember, and you can make it simple by just combining the name of your electrician company and then adding the extension .com, is it is available.

When designing your URL, consider whether you should include the www or not. While there is no standard way to go about this, it is advisable to search for your domain on Google and check what they have listed as your primary URL. Once you find it, stick by it for consistency as it is simpler to adjust what you use than tweak the search rankings algorithm. Another major consideration is whether you should use the hyphen or an underscore. None of these affect the rankings but underscores may not be visible when your website name is listed under the underlined text.

In such events, the underscore will not be visible, and users will find it hard to discern your exact home address. Do not capitalize any character on your URL as web visitors are not accustomed to capital letters when keying in a web address.

Company Description:

People who visit your website should not be forced to start investigating when trying to figure out what you do. You should declare your position as a company that offers electrical services right from the beginning. Declare this with the right tone and a careful combination of words that will capture the visitors’ attention and prompt them to read on and see what your firm is all about.

When writing your company description, try to go straight to the point and avoid beating around the bush. Your dedication to offering the best services to customers should be evident right from the beginning, and your goals and company values should also be apparent.

Keep in mind that the about us page contains more details about your electrician company and what you decide to write on the home page should be strategic. Web users are known to be very impatient, and they can easily be discouraged from checking out the other parts of your website if the description is not up to scratch. Errors and typos should be avoided entirely in this section of the website as they imply that your electrical business is not very keen on small details.

You should avoid using a sales pitch in this part of the website as visitors do not like going to businesses that are only concerned about selling. Give the customer an impression that they are your top most priority and make the comfortable right from the beginning. Try to interact with the customer in a personal manner using this section as your online presence largely relies on relationships and positive engagement with visitors.

Responsive Design:

Over the last couple of years, mobile searches have been seen to surpass the desktop searches, and the number is growing with each passing day. Today, you cannot know what kind of device your visitors will use when looking for your electrician services and your website should be responsive. Responsive design is undoubtedly one of the most important features that should be part of your electrician website design templates today. What exactly is responsive web design?

A responsive web design is a feature that allows your website to adjust accordingly to the variation in screen sizes of the devices being used to access your site. A widescreen, say a desktop one, can have multiple columns of content while a smaller one may have the same pressed in a single column or with links that can either collapse and open up the hidden content. But why us responsive web design so crucial to your electrician website?

First of all, we live in a world where customers visit websites using devices that have different screen sizes. To improve the user experience, our websites should work well regardless of the size of the device being used to access it. Long ago, this challenge was solved by designing two different sites with one being the desktop site and the other being the mobile-only version. It is very bad for a customer to access information on your website using their computer and later visit your site using their mobile device and find that they cannot obtain the information on the mobile-only website.

It is quite challenging to update multiple websites. Having two sites for different devices is challenging, and it only doubles your workload, something that might deny your website the attention it deserves to keep it well optimized and always updated. Having a responsive site just gives you one site to worry about, and it makes it easier to centralize the management of the content while still having full control of how the site appears on different screen sizes.

Google included a mobile-friendly criterion to their search engine ranking algorithm, meaning that the sites that are optimized for mobile devices get rewarded while those that do not get punished. Responsive design should be a critical aspect of your SEO strategy. Lastly, responsive websites offer a great deal of flexibility making it simpler to scale up and down. New devices hitting the market should not be something to worry about since a responsive design can accommodate them all.

An Easily Navigated Sitemap:

Most of the benefits of a sitemap are purely technical, but a simple and efficiently designed one improves the user experience. Visitors should not be lost in a sea of content when looking for vital information about your electrician company. A good sitemap should be part of all your electrician website design templates, and visitors should be guided when searching for information.

Drop downs are a useful feature to use as they enable visitors to check out the content that falls under every heading from each page. A good sitemap has an impact on browser compatibility as well. You would not want some of your customers to be barred from accessing your site just because they are using certain browsers.

When designing a sitemap, it is vital to ask yourself a couple of essential questions. What are your visitors looking for? What steps do they have to take to request for your services or reach out to you? Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to prioritize your pages and introduce a clear hierarchy to your electrician site. This makes it simpler for crawlers to go through your pages and thus boost your SEO rankings.

Lastly, a good sitemap will make it simpler for your site to convert visitors to customers. Most of the people who land on your page may either be looking for information regarding electrical stuff, a quote or a free estimate for some service or a way of contacting you for your services. Regardless of the search intention, a navigable website makes the end goal more achievable without any hassle. It is good to ensure that your site is well organized and enable visitors to convert within a few clicks.

An Outstanding Call To Action:

Your website is your primary online marketing tool, and if it doesn’t call customers to seek your electrician services, it is useless. All the stories and fantastic electrician website design templates are utilized for one purpose; to increase your client base. It is essential to include a call to action that stands out and is hard to miss. Keep in mind that it should be located in various parts of your website so that customers can opt in at any point as opposed to having it at the bottom. Having it in one place forces customers to go through all the content before they can opt-in, something that may be too overwhelming to the impatient visitors.

The call to action links at the beginning and middle of the content should be subtle and introduced strategically. This way, customers do not get the impression that you are only interested in selling your services. For your electrician firm, the most obvious call to action would be for customers to request a free estimate of some electrical services or for them to contact you for the said services. Your contact information should ideally appear on every page, either at the top or on the lower side so that visitors can contact you whenever they feel that you have what it takes to offer them amazing services. On your contact information, make sure that you include different ways through which clients can reach out to you for instance phone numbers, email address and links to your social media profiles. Ensure that the contact information you put on your websites as customers won’t even think twice when they try to call you through your listed cell phone number and find out that the line is out of service.

The mentioned things are fundamental and should not miss out on any of the electrician website design templates you select for your firm. You may be offering the best services in town, but if you lag behind in any of the said aspects, your competition will always be ahead of you.

The listed electrician websites are different regarding their designs and appearances, but the critical issues have been adhered to when analyzing their design. Here is a brief overview of how each is well designed

Review of Other Electrician Websites


It has a responsive design with company description well stated right from the start. The call to action, which asks customers to schedule an appointment is very prominent, and the site layout is well organized.


It has a simple web URL that can easily be memorized and a call to action that is introduced subtly after the company description. The content is well organized, and all the social media links are placed strategically.


Simple and professional web address and a well laid out contact information for each of the regions covered. The social media links are placed prominently on top of the home page, and an opt-in form that gives clients the option of joining their newsletter is placed strategically on top of the page.


Well designed web URL, organized sitemap and a highly responsive web design.


Has an organized sitemap with drop-down menus for small screen sizes. The URL is simple to memorize, and all the content is organized making it simple to access what you want on the site.


Has a simple and well-organized design with animated pages describing the company and stating its goals. Very responsive design with a simple web address.


Fantastic design with a prominent contact button that appears on all pages. Well placed call to action and a responsive design sums up the website.

Getting your electrician company web design right is merely a matter of looking into some essential things. There is no standard way of going about the electrician web design templates, and all you have to do is to balance creativity and professionalism, things that will enable you to come up with a suitable web design for your electrician business. The other option is to let our professional team of designers build you and manage a custom website from the ground up using all of your elements or use one of the templates that we’ve handcrafted by our team to help you convert more website visitors into leads and customers.