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Having a website isn’t enough nowadays. With so much competition and with the changes in the consumer research process, your website is typically the first point of contact with a prospective client. Thus, as a service based provider such as a handyman, it is more important than ever to create a good first impression with your website.

Along with this, you want to provide the prospective client with everything they could need to make a well-informed decision on choosing you for their respective service requirement. Throughout this article, we will be going over five essential elements to include in your handyman website design templates.

5 Things Your Website Must Have When You’re a Handyman


About Us Section:

This is a very important section to include on a handyman website because you want to let prospective clients know who they are hiring and why they should hire you. This is the section of your website where you focus on selling yourself.

Your About Us section should include your qualifications, experience, and what kind of services you provide. This section is typically one of the first things that prospective clients visit when they are looking to hire a service based company. After all, they want to learn more about who they are hiring.

Call to Action (CTA):

Another important element to include on a handyman website would have to be an effective CTA. You want to have some CTA on the homepage of your website positioned towards the top half. That way, the prospective client will know exactly what you want them to do.

You’ll notice that this is the case in the majority of our templates. By having a prominently located CTA that stands out from your overall design, you should be able to get higher conversions with your website regarding generating leads.

Typically, a handyman website will include a CTA that leads to a text-based lead generation form that has the visitor input their contact information and any further information that could help the company generate an estimate or quote for the requested service.


Another very important element to include in a handyman website design nowadays would have to be a review or testimonial section. You want to include a review and testimonial section into your website to make it as easy as possible to provide prospective clients with the kind of social proofing they might need to make a well-informed decision regarding which company to hire.

 By providing this information directly on your website, you are going to keep the prospective client from having to click off of your website in order to read reviews about your company. Having them click off your website can only lead to decreased conversions for a variety of reasons.

For one, it can cause them to get distracted. Also, it could potentially lead them to your competition depending on whether or not your competition is advertising with the respective review website. Therefore, any information you can provide directly on your website would be much preferred. That way, you are able to keep the prospective client on your website where they are going to be much more likely to convert.

However, including links to other review websites is something that you should have available because a lot of prospective clients will want to read full reviews about your company.

Great Services Page:

You should have a section dedicated to all of the services that you offer within your company. Because a handyman is such a general company, you want to be sure to include all of the specific services that you are capable of providing.

By doing this, not only will you be able to accurately address the services to prospective clients, but it will enable you to target specific keywords and key phrases within the respective range which can help your website rank better within the search engines for related terms, keywords, and key phrases.

Having a dense service page for each service that you provide is only going to help boost your ranking potential for each respective service – especially when it comes to local rankings.

Mobile Optimized Design:

Another important element that you are going to want to include within your template is a user and mobile friendly design. The key to crafting a high converting handyman website comes with simplicity. You want to try to make it as easy as possible to navigate through your entire website. This means avoiding clutter and making simple navigational tabs that the visitor can sort through.

Along with this, the website should scale properly no matter what size screen they are using. That way, they can view the website and navigate it with ease no matter what device they are using. Since a majority of consumers now actively use their favorite mobile devices in order to research businesses and find services they might need, this is a very important element to adhere to. Your website should be easy to use no matter if the visitor is on a desktop or mobile browser.

These are the main elements that you want to be sure that your handyman website includes. There are a variety of handyman website examples that you can look at to get great ideas from. Below, we will talk about 7 different handyman website examples you can get design inspiration from. Each website above implements a majority of the essential and major key elements mentioned above effectively to create a high converting and well-designed handyman website.

Review of Other Handyman Websites

There are several Handymen who’ve nailed the concept of a creative website. These websites have completed the design process and have included some of the most important things on their sites, making sure to leave a positive impression on any visitors.



This particular handyman website is one of the best. Not only does it include a very large a prominent call to action that leads into a ‘lead generation’ form, but the form itself includes the ability to upload a file to provide pictures of the project that is needed to be done. This is a very big feature to have because it allows the prospective client to get an even more accurate estimate of the project given they are able to provide much more information than simply describing it would allow for.

The entire website is well laid out and designed which makes it both easy to read and navigate through. They have a dedicated services page which offers more detail on the various services they provide with relevant keywords and key phrases they are targeting in the search engines. Along with this, each page includes a CTA within it whether on the top or bottom.

Also, their footer includes respective links to both Angie’s List and Yelp which makes it easy for the prospective client to get a good assessment of the reputation of the handyman service and company.


This is another excellent handyman website design template. They have a very clean design that is laid out in a user-friendly manner. They have navigation tabs at the top of the website which leads to each of the sections of their website – including the services section where they detail each service they provide.

Along with this, they have a call to action on the bottom of the homepage, within their rotating banner on the top of the homepage, and on the right of their services page.

They also have a testimonials section. This is good because it can provide the social proof needed to make a decision. A majority of clients are going to look towards the reviews and testimonials to help ensure they are making a good decision. Without this section, you are likely to achieve fewer conversions.


This is one of the very best examples that you will find on this list. This particular website brings you to an extremely attractive call to action right away. As soon as you visit the site, you are greeted with a CTA that offers a ‘free estimate.’

They also have their phone number listed prominently at the top. As you go down their website, you will find all of the information including services they offer, about us section, and more. To make it even easier to navigate, especially on mobile, they include a hamburger menu with links that point to each section of the website.


Going to Dan Can Handyman Services website initially takes you directly to the About Us section which allows the business to sell their services to prospective visitors. Along with this, a prominent CTA is located both underneath the About Us section and right in the top center of the page.

The CTA takes you to a basic lead generation form with the ability to enter details about the project. Throughout the website and at the bottom, you will find additional lead generation pages. At the very bottom, you will find social links and links to their Yelp business page to provide social proof for their services.


This is another excellent website that features a lot of good design elements. They have a ‘why choose us section’ which offers a dense page full of reasons to choose Handyman Matters over the competition. Along with this, the website has the phone number to call and various CTA’s located at the top right of the website. Because the top header is static, you are always greeted with the phone number and various CTA’s without having to leave the page you are on. They have reviews that you can scroll through at the bottom of the website.


This is another clean website design that offers a user-friendly and simplistic approach to crafting a handyman website. First, you will find the phone number in two prominent locations right when you get to the homepage. Also, you will be greeted with a “contact us” call to action that takes you directly to a lead generation form. Their “About Us” page features a good amount of information that can effectively sell their services. They even have a dedicated review section full of previous client’s testimonials with links to additional reviews at the bottom alongside other social links.


This is another good handyman website. They have a prominent call to action to call their number on all of their slides. At the same time, they place an emphasis on their testimonials and reviews as the links to these pages can be found above the fold. They feature links to Google reviews, BBB’s website, and Yelp. They have further customer testimonials listed towards the bottom of the website without needing external linking. Lastly, they have a drop-down menu featuring all of the handyman services they provide with ample content on each and with prominent CTA’s on the page.

There are plenty of different design elements you are going to want to be sure to include in handyman website template or custom design. Creating an effective handyman website design nowadays is about providing the right amount of information to effectively sell your business to a prospective client and giving them a clean, organized, and optimized website to navigate. Having the right CTA’s scattered throughout your website will increase conversions substantially. You want to make it easy to navigate through your website and to access the pertinent information that a prospective client would want to see before making a hiring decision. Although we’ve worked hard to make sure the templates that we pride will provide you all of the things listed about, we also realize that you’re likely not a website designer and we’d love to do the hard that will help you grow your business.  

Also, a lot of consumers place a significant amount of their decision criteria on social proofing and reviews. Thus, you want to be sure to emphasize this with your website design by making it as easy as possible to see the reviews and rating of your business across the various review websites that people use on a regular basis. Doing this can really maximize conversions on your handyman services. By following all of the tips above and utilizing the examples as a means of inspiration, you should be able to make great design decisions when it comes to designing and optimizing your website for the best conversion rate.