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Are you searching for the best landscape contractor website templates? If so, you have come to the right place. Designing a great landscape website is quite similar to creating the perfect outdoor space in your garden. In both instances, it all boils down to how the space will be used. In fact, you should have an insight and a plan into how you want to use your template before getting started. The website is similar to the online face that your building, trucks, and front door are in real life. It should be able to create a good first impression in the minds of your visitors. There are many components that should be included in a successful landscape contractor website. This article highlights five important components that every landscape contractor should include on their website and then reviews 7 of the best landscape contractor website templates. It is our goal is to not only provide you with quality tools that will help you grow your business but also, educate you on how to implement those tools into your business. We hope you enjoy.

Designing the perfect landscape contractor website takes a lot of time and energy. The first step is to choose a professional website designer who has extensive experience in developing websites for landscape contractor businesses (We would love to be that option for you). Making bad decisions or incorporating the wrong website ideas can lead to wasting your money and precious time in the process. A poorly designed website may be confusing and turn off a lot of your customers – which can negatively affect the bottom line of your business. That is where our award-winning landscape contractor website templates come in handy. These templates are designed by some of the best web designers in the landscaping industry. Our designers have extensive experience in creating and developing a website that will convert your visitors into leads. Whether you decide to choose a to allow us to build something for you from scratch or invest in a quality landscape website template, we’ll make sure the intangibles are included in your site allowing your business work for you even while you’re not working.

 Like I mentioned above, the homepage of your website is like the front door of your “virtual” landscape company. It is often the first place where a possible lead will “meet” you. Make sure that you don’t overcomplicate the website with a busy homepage. It is only the starting point where you will guide your visitors to make his or her next move to ask for more information or learn more about your services. With that said, you shouldn’t try to accomplish all of your online marketing goals through the homepage. Another important thing to remember is, similar to a landscape design; things will change or go out of style with a website designs. You have to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the website design industry and upgrade your site accordingly. This is easier to accomplish when using a drag and drop tool like ours. Here are five components that every landscape and lawn care professional’s website should have.


Good “Hero” Section:

The hero image is the prominent image that you see on the homepage of most well-designed websites. This image plays an important role in converting the visitor into a lead. In fact, within a fraction of a second, the visitor should be able to understand what the site is all about. The image should be able to convince the visitor that your company is trustworthy and your work is quality.  

People will love to see an image of you in action, doing what you do best. They love to see rugged pergolas, fire pits, and lawns. But you should be careful to refrain from include images that are too bold. The image should be just right to get your message across to the visitor. You can consider adjusting the opacity of the image to tone it down a little bit which we’ve do, in most of our template designs. This will help get your message across without any hindrance.

Headline & Call To Action:

The headline is another important component of a good landscape contractor website. Beyond the hero image, the headline will let your visitor know what your site is all about. It will tell the visitor what areas you serve and what kind of clients you cater to.

The headline should be compelling but concise at the same time. It will motivate people to contact you. There should always be a headline or call to action above the fold and contained within the hero image section of the site design.

To be specific but don’t overwhelm your visitor. This is NOT the place to list your services. Have a look our templates or the site examples below to get a good feel for what should be included in your call to actions.  

You should use a broad term that describes your service. The language you use should evoke emotions and communicate your expertise to the possible customer. The headline should be able to convince the visitor that the service is for them. Again, we only have a split second to catch a persons attention, so make sure you spend some time on this.

Great Navigation: 

The menu of your website is critical. If people can’t find what they are looking for, they are going to leave your website just as quickly as they landed on it. There are also a lot of opinions about the website menu and how and where it should be placed on your site.

But unfortunately, if anything other than a header navigation for your primary navigation system is recommended then person making the recommendation isn’t following the data. The fact is there is number of different options as to where you can place the menu on your website; header, footer, sidebar, no navigation and more. But what has happened over the last 20+ years of website browsing is that people have become accustomed to looking for a navigation at the top right side of a page.

So statistically if your main navigation is anywhere else, people become confused causing them to leave your site. We want to avoid this at all costs, in fact, the goal is to keep people on your site as long as possible. With Google’s new “Rank Brain” one of the key factors is web traffic retention and people cant find what they are looking for they won’t stay on your site.

Good Copy:

Introduction copy is important for two reasons. First, your visitor should know the exact purpose of your site. On the other hand, search engines crawl the copy on your page to identify what the website is all about.

If the search engines cannot find or understand the copy of the web page, they can’t rank your site for relevant keywords that will help get more business. It is important that you provide 2-3 brief paragraphs about your landscaping business through the copy and text of your website. It should include important keywords that you plan to rank for but also clearly communicate to your possible customers.

Make sure you write for the visitor but include relevant keywords to satisfy the search engines. Copywriting can be a delicate thing, and we’d love to help you make sure text built for humans and search bots.

Call To Action (CTA):

This is another important component that needs to be considered as landscape contractor when building out your website. Clear call to actions with good sales copy well help convert the visitor of your site into leads. After working with so many websites, we’ve realized that many landscape professionals don’t include call to actions on their websites. Hence, most of them miss the opportunity to convert a large number of visitors to leads. A weak call to action or (CTA) can result in a decrease in sales and revenue for your business.

A strong CTA strategy should be part of the copywriting process. A good call to action can help you to get rid of tire kickers who are only wasting time on your website.


Review of Other Landscape Websites

Even though there are many other components that can help improve your website, the above-mentioned are five of the top components that every landscape contractor should include on his or her website. These components are critical to improving your conversion rates, sales, revenue, and profits in the long run. That is why you need to incorporate all these essential components into your landscape website design. Here are seven website templates or examples that include most of these elements well.



This website has a great hero image to start with. The images are quite compelling and help the visitor learn about the services offered by the company. It has a compelling headline related to the landscaping industry; it’s concise but compelling.

The menu is prominently displayed in the header of the site and the left sidebar. The introductory copy makes it easier for the visitor and search engines to decide what the company is all about.

The CTA helps the visitor beginning his or her buyer’s journey by offering more information so that the visitor can make an informed decision. All in all, this site or template used here includes all of the five essential components described above.


This website includes the hero section in the form of a video. The video gives the visitor an idea of what the company offers. The headline also helps the visitor get an idea of what the company offers.

On the other hand, the introductory copy is concise but conveys the message to the visitor as well as the search engines. The menu is prominently displayed in the top right corner of the website.

The call to actions (CTA) helps the visitor on his way to learning more about the services offered by the company. This website template also includes all of the essential website components described above. I have to say, this probably one of the best landscaping company websites that I’ve seen.


This website has a compelling hero image with a great call to action in the headline. The introductory copy is informative and tells the potential customer as well as the search engines what the website is all about.

The menu is displayed so that the visitor doesn’t get lost once he or she arrives on the website; with just one click you can what you’re looking for. There is a compelling CTA on the top right corner of the site and throughout as you navigate.


This website has a compelling hero image which could entice the visitor.

But the headline is not prominent enough since it is displayed in the left corner below the hero image. It would have been better if the headline was the hero section (above the fold) image.

The introductory copy is quite lengthy but helps the search engines and the visitors to understand the purpose of the site. The menu is displayed in the top right corner of the site. The CTA helps the potential buyer on his/her journey. This site includes most of the essential components described above.


This site has a compelling hero image as well as a headline. The introductory is also ideal for the visitor as well as the search engines. On the other hand, the menu is displayed in the top right corner of the site.

The CTA is also prominent in the top right corner of the website. Hence, this site incorporates all of the five essential components discussed above.


This web template has a good hero image with a great headline. The introductory copy is quite compelling and great for both the visitor as well as the search engines. The menu is prominent enough on the top right side of the website.

The CTA is quite prominent in the top right corner of the site. In fact, the CTA is very strong on this website. This is another great site that has all the five components discussed above.


This is a great Raleigh landscaping company website. It has a compelling hero image with the headline prominently displayed on it. The introductory copy is also included in the hero image – which is quite different to all the other templates reviewed here. The introductory copy is compelling and concise – both the visitor and search engines will benefit from such an introductory copy.

The menu is prominently displayed on the top right of the website. The different services offered by the company are displayed in the middle of the website layout. The CTA helps the would-be-buyer on his or her buyer’s journey. The site includes a telephone number where the visitor can contact for more information. Hence, this is another great web design which includes all of the five essential components described above.

In conclusion, designing a great landscape site is similar to designing a great outdoor space. You should think out of the box when doing so. There are many important components that go into a professional landscape contractor website design. These components play an important part in attracting new leads to the company and converting them into paying customers.

We realize that there are many things that go into creating a good looking, high function website. And we also realize that you are not a professional website designer. That is why we’ve taken the skills that we’ve learned after working on thousands of websites and created a plug and play templates look great and functional well. We have so many options, from “do it yourself” and self-managed template based solutions; to completely custom website designs that are fully managed by our team. We hope that you found this article helpful while considering your website project. Talk to one of our expert staff members to see if we can help you grow your business today.