Research is key to understanding your local market, giving the ability to build a successful digital marketing strategy around it. During this phase, we will learn everything we can about your competitors, your geographic location and what it’s going to take to successfully grow your leads and customer base.


After diving into your market and figuring out what it will take for you to be successful with SEO / SEM and social media marketing strategies, we’ll meet with you to educate you on our findings. It’s our goal to help you make an educated decision about what your next marketing steps should be.


Once we’ve structured a plan collectively, we’ll get our team to work driving more traffic and generating new leads for your business. We will leverage our proven methodology and strategies to make sure your competition is nowhere to be found when someone is looking for the services you provide.


Social media marketing is the most effective and highly targeted way to advertise or market in today’s digital world. This form of marketing gives us the opportunity to target a specific group of people, with a specific amount of income, with a specific life situation, in a specific geographic location.

Yes, crazy, but also true.

Every service-based company should use Facebook to generate more leads and grow their business. Here’s the unbelievable part, they aren’t! What that means for you is this is currently the most cost effective way to market and drive real time shoppers, with real time data in a proactive way.

Think of social media marketing as the new highly targeted billboard that gives you the opportunity to tell people about you before they even know they need you.

Our proven strategies will allow us to send an endless amount of eager shoppers to your company’s new front door, your website.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best long term investments that you can make in your company’s marketing strategy. The amazing thing about search engine optimization is that nearly 90% of people who are shopping for a specific product or service turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to find the product or service provider to meet their needs.

If your company ranks in the top 3 or higher, you are 80% more likely to get the business than your competitor.

Think of SEO like buying a house.

You make a substantial up front investment and then you own your place in the search engines with minimal financial maintenance investment to keep your spot. With all other forms of ads, it’s kind of like renting. When you stop paying, you lose your place to live. Or in this case, the advertising stops happening. Because we’ve ranked hundreds of websites for thousands of customers, we are confident that you’ll be glad you made the investment to buy your spot in the search engines.


In our proven methodology, search engine marketing (think Google ads) has a very specific place in our strategy. With paid ads on search engines, you can drive leads to your website instantly!

Although these leads are going to likely be a little more expensive than the leads you’ll buy from social media, they will also be a lot more targeted. Not only will the leads be more targeted, they will also likely be people that are farther along in the decision-making process.

If Facebook ads are the new billboards and SEO is like buying a house, then paying to advertise on a search engine is like renting an exotic car. You’ll drive it fast and hard and send it back when you’re done.

You’re going to get immediate satisfaction with search ads. Traffic to your site will start pouring in. But, just like you don’t rent a car for your daily driver, you also don’t want to rent this space for years to come.