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It’s our goal to not only provide you with amazing website tools that will allow you to convert more visitors into people shopping for your services. But we also want to add value, by educating you about websites, website design, what should be included on your website, and more. Below are five things that every painting contractor should include on his or her website and a couple of examples of companies that are doing a great job. 

5 Things Your Website Must Have When You’re a Painter

In this digital age, the role of a painter’s company website is increasing with each passing day. Customers are looking for painting services online, and more entities are being challenged with enhancing their businesses’ online presence and thus attract more customers. The online marketing strategies are ever-changing as new trends emerge but one thing that has remained constant amidst all these changes is the company’s home websites impact. Strategies such as SEO, SEM, PPC, and email marketing heavily rely on the home website for them to be effective. It is very terrible to make your site rank highly on Google but see that the visitor conversion rates are abysmal due to a reckless web design.

 Your painting company can significantly benefit from a great website. Ideally, this should be your priority when initiating an online marketing plan as the website can be compared to your physical headquarters where clients come over to meet the experts after finding out about your services through other means. The elements of a good web design for your painter company are quite extensive, and it is hard to exhaust all of them. However, there are some key aspects that all painter website design templates should not miss. Here are some of them;


Responsive Web Design:

If you research on the statistics behind the people who use the internet and the kinds of devices they use, you will see that mobile devices surpassed desktop devices a couple of years back. The number of mobile searches is expected to rise exponentially over the coming years, and it is essential to align your website accordingly. Your painter website design templates should be responsive above anything else.

It should be well optimized to adjust to the device being used to access the website. Note that the mobile devices being used are not standard as some people use the smartphone, while others use tablets and internet pads. If possible, try and make the mobile website friendlier than even the desktop version since most of your customers will access your site through these devices. Internet users are very impatient, and if they do not like anything about your website even if they are interested in the services you are offering, they won’t hesitate to check your competitors’ site. All our template designs are 100% responsive and will fit great on any device.

 While a responsive design is good for the customers, it has more benefits at stake. One of the significant changes in Google’s ranking algorithm is that it prefers the responsive designs which offer a better user experience. Google’s crawler can access your website easily since a responsive design means that your webpage has a single URL as opposed to a different one for both the desktop and mobile devices. Responsive sites rank higher than the nonresponsive ones, and such painters website design templates will greatly benefit your SEO campaign.

Company Definition:

The way you define your paint company is very important. There is no standard way to go about this but keep in mind that it can either attract a customer or ward them off. It is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your home website.

A good description should capture the customer’s interest and attention. If you find a way of explaining what your painter company is all about, while stating your goals and services offered in a few words, you get to increase the chances of retaining that visitor. Internet users get bored quickly, and you should avoid beating around the bush when it comes to this description. Attack the real gist right from the beginning with a careful selection of words that will attract the customer’s interest without them noticing. Begin with a pitch that expresses your passion and excitement about the Painter company and gives them the impression that client satisfaction is your utmost priority right from the beginning.

 Your ultimate goal should be to cover all the necessary information in a precise and comprehensive manner. When doing this part, proofread the text several times as typos, and grammatical errors in such a sensitive area could prove to be disastrous. Errors in such a prominent place on your website show customers that you are reckless and it could ward off the visitors who are very keen on the small details.

 Try and design this part and make it look attractive. You could make use of some animated images that make the transition between different parts of your company description more attractive. However, do not overdo it since it gives an impression that your firm is not very serious. Since it is a painter company design, it won’t hurt using some colored models to try and make the site consistent with the work being done by the firm.

Easy To Remember Web Address:

Always select a web address that is simple to memorize and type in any web browser. Your domain name is your brand, and if someone can’t even remember it without referring, you got it wrong. It is advisable to select a .com domain since users are accustomed to typing this extension at the end of most web addresses. Ideally, the web address should be your business name followed by a .com such that visitors can even guess the address once they know the name of your company. Ensure your website name is secured as some rogue people on the internet could access it and use it to divert traffic to other sites.

 A website URL is important for SEO since it helps search bots to see what the website is all about right from the URL. The name should reflect what your company does to give these bots a more straightforward task when locating your site. Lastly, a web URL shows how professional and serious your painter company is. Customers look at these small things, and you should portray your seriousness in the business right from the start.

 There are a lot of considerations that come into play when selecting a URL address and you should assess all of them carefully before making a choice. Special characters have some effects on these addresses, and you should determine whether they are beneficial to your business or not. Try and avoid numbers in the URL and if possible, make it keyword rich as ranking starts from the web address.

Easy to Navigate & Navigation:

A painter’s website sitemap may not be directly visible to the customers, but it is something that you cannot afford to miss out on. Sitemaps are simply a map of your website, and they show the sites structure and the links between different parts. Sitemaps are an effective way of communicating with search engine bots, and they tell search engines where you would like them to go. Sitemaps have been part of the best web design practices, and they have become more important in recent years. While most of the benefits of a sitemap are technical, they have a significant effect on the user experience.

 Sitemaps are compatible with most browsers, and this means that visitors can access your website on most of the browsers used today. This multi support functionality makes it simpler to optimize your website for an enhanced online visibility. It helps to categorize the website content, something that is particularly important for the large websites with a lot of content.

 Grouping content is good for the user experience since your customers will be directed to the particular categories rather than having to navigate through a sea of content for them to find what they are looking for. The main purposes of any of the painter website design templates you use are to make sure that users enjoy their experience on the site. Other than the usual site design, you can attain this important objective by coming up with a simple and correct sitemap.

Call To Action and Contact Information:

At the end of all the stories and fantastic design, your wish is that a web visitor will get in touch with you and request for your painting services. All your efforts should not go to waste, and the website should have a prominent call to action. This part should be located in a prominent and strategic place on your site so that customers cannot miss it. Keep in mind that once the customers click on this call to action, you should carefully guide them to the other remaining steps. Keep in mind that the call to action should be introduced in other parts of the website as well. For instance, you could place the links to the call to action in the content you publish in your blog section. Ideally, it should be situated at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the content. The effectiveness of this call to action mostly relies on the content and web design, and if you do everything right, it is a no-brainer that customers will contact you for the painting services. Do not make it too sales oriented as customers dislike it when it is too apparent that you are only focused on selling. Bring it subtly and wittily such that they will be prompted to click it and request for your services.

 Since we are dealing with a painters company, the most natural call to action will be to ask web visitors to reach out to you for these services. You should provide contact details that are easy to use and find. They should also be placed strategically and probably close to the call to action. Not every customer has the time and patience to go through several pages for contact information. The information should be located in a prominent place, and the best place should be the top or bottom corners. It is also better to display it on every page of your website so that customers can quickly get in touch once they feel satisfied with what you have in store. It is vital to give customers more than one way of reaching out to you. Include your email address, phone numbers and social media links among others. Ensure your phone numbers are working and it they can be used to reach out to you during specified periods, indicate that.

 The five things that every painter should include on their website have been mentioned and explained. The painter websites listed above have these essential aspects, and that makes them suited to their purpose.